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Halo Triton Tank Electronic Cigarette Batteries

Triton Batteries are ultimate in style and performance, and are available in different sizes - 400 mAh, 650 mAh, 900 mAh and 1300 mAh to meet varying needs of all ecig users. Variable voltage and pass-through models are also available for those seeking the ultimate vaping experience.

Ion Core Technology for best performance and lifespan of 300 charge cycle

These E Cig Batteries are long lasting rechargable Li Po batteries made for durability. These batteries are not only great looking gadgets but extremely long lasting Li-Pos made to work well for several re-charges and continuous use. We also have Triton Pass Thru batteries that can be connected to any device for non-stop vaping without having to recharge the battery.

You can find more information about Triton Tank Batteries including Triton Tank Troubleshooting Guides at Triton Tank FAQ

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Triton Vape Battery (Standard)

Triton VV Batteries

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Triton Battery
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Pink 1300 mAh Triton Battery
Massive 1300 mAh Battery - for Triton Tank System. Long...
Trition Tank System Pass Thru Battery
Not Stop Triton Vaping. If working on laptop or computer,...
Variable Voltage (VV) Battery - Triton Twist Jet Black
Triton Vape System 900 mAh VV Battery Jet Black. Simply...
Variable Voltage E-Cig Battery - Blue Triton Twist
Midnight Blue Variable Voltage (VV) Battery - Great colour...
Iridecence 900mAh Triton Battery
This Triton E-Cigarette battery is a Medium - Large sized...
Iridecence Triton Battery
400, 650, 1300 mAh Selection. Halo Triton iridescence batteryThe...
Iridescence Variable Voltage Triton Battery
Variable Voltage (VV) Iridescence Battery 900 mAh. This...
Jet Black 1300 mAh Triton Battery
Halo Triton Jet Black BatteryThe Jet Black Battery is the...
Jet Black 650 mAh Triton Battery
Replacement Triton Tank System Battery. Same size as the...
Jet Black 900 mAh Triton Battery
Most Popular Triton Range Battery Colour. Perfect size 900...
Midnight Blue Triton Battery
400 mAh, 650 mAh, 1300 mAh Triton Batteries. Small & PortableThe...
Titanium Triton Battery
400, 650, 900 & 1300 mAh - Halo Triton TitaniumThe Titanium...
Mini Auto Charger
Works with 12v vehicle outlets. Simply plug the USB Adapter...

    Kelly Day
    16 May 2016
    Perfect as always
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    Kelly Day
    16 May 2016
    Perfect as always

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