Starter Kit

Starter Kit

For Starters & Medium Vaping | Triton/G6

Choose from the different types of e cigarette starter kits available depending on whether you are buying it for the first time or simply upgrading.

Choosing a starter kit if you have never used e-cigarette can be confusing. To make it simple, we recommend first time e cigarette users to buy either G6 starter kit, which is specifically designed to tick all the boxes for beginners, or triton e cigarette Starter kit. You can also buy triton II starter kits which are more advanced than the triton I kit.

G6 e-cigarettes are real cigarette size and operate with battery and refillable cartomizers - simply fill the carts and connect to your battery and vape. It might be a good idea to get some G6 mini tanks (optional) to make G6 vaping even more enjoyable.

If you are looking for Vape Pen starter kit that produces thicker vapour and don't mind carrying a larger battery, you might want to consider Triton Tank System. Triton Kits come with 650 mAh batteries and re-fillable tanks to produce thicker vapour.


For Advanced Vaping | Vape Mods

The Tracer and Reactor Mods are suitable if you have been vaping for some time and want to upgrade to a robust vaping gadget. You can also choose from our best selling e cigarette list on the homepage. E cigarette Mods are the devices for advanced users. You can choose from multiple options available as per your needs. We sell high quality e cig Mods from Halo.

Jostech Vape Store supplies the top quality e cigarette starter kits to all Australian cities and regional areas. You get quickest delivery of your e cigarette to Melbourne Region, Syndey Region, Adelaide Region, Perth & Regional WA and all other areas within Australia.


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