E Cigarette Rules & Regulation in Australia

  1. New Zealand Legalizes Nicotine E Liquid While Australia Decides To Continue With Current Ban In Place

    There was some hope that nicotine would be made legal in Australia. People were hopeful that the Therapeutic Goods Administration or TGA would allow low concentration e liquid to be sold legally in Australia. But, this did not happen and the attempt to lift the ban was demolished by the TGA. TGA upheld the decision to continue with the ban. The reasoning behind this was that nicotine is highly addictive and could hook teen to tobacco smoking.

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  2. E cigarette Rules in Australia

    Use of e cigarette is legal in Australia but selling e cig is Perth is banned by the law in Australia. But residents of Western Australia can source their vape products from overseas or other states, so they can use e cigarette in Perth but can not buy locally. Most importantly e liquids with nicotine is banned in all states and territories which has been forcing vapers to get nicotine e liquids from overseas as its totally legal to get e liquids from overseas. Recently, there has been discussion and efforts to legalize nicotine in Australia but such attempt failed. You can read about this effort

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