1. Destructive Nicotine Addiction & Quitting Cigarette Smoking - Facts & Misconception about Quitting and Vaping

    It is possible that some negative effects of nicotine might not have been reported. The health effects of nicotine cannot be completely separated from the effects of smoking cigarettes. What about health effects of e cigarette then that is now increasingly replacing traditional smoking? How much nicotine and various other potentially unsafe chemicals are being inhaled through vaping?

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  2. Why do Tanks or Atomisers Leak - Fix Your Leaking Tank?

    Have you noticed or experience leaks and spills from your e cig tank? If so, you are not alone - most of the tank leaks can be fixed easily with very little effort.  Read about the causes and solution to leaking tank. Remember these are some simple steps and precautions you can take to fix this annoying issue.

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  3. Troubleshoot your E Cigarette Battery

    The e cigarette batteries can give trouble from time to time. If you find that your vape battery has suddenly stopped working or it starts to rapidly blink as soon as you start vaping (for example - when using your Triton battery), there are few things you can do before you think about throwing your battery away.

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  4. Right Coil for Your E Cig Kit

    The coil that for your e cigarette kit depends on the type of e cig kit or Mod device you have. There are many types of coils and it can be very confusing when it comes to buying the spare coils. This guide will help you choose the right coil for your e cig kit. 

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  5. Which E Cigarette Kit to Buy

    For those who have never tried electronic cigarette before and want to give it a try, it can be confusing to decide which starter kit to purchase from different types of vape kits that are available. While the e cigarette kit is a matter of personal choice and vaping habit, it might be a good idea to consider the information we provide below.

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  6. E cigarette Rules in Australia

    Use of e cigarette is legal in Australia but selling e cig is Perth is banned by the law in Australia. But residents of Western Australia can source their vape products from overseas or other states, so they can use e cigarette in Perth but can not buy locally. Most importantly e liquids with nicotine is banned in all states and territories which has been forcing vapers to get nicotine e liquids from overseas as its totally legal to get e liquids from overseas. Recently, there has been discussion and efforts to legalize nicotine in Australia but such attempt failed. You can read about this effort here.

    You can buy quality vape products including e cigarette starter kits and e liquids from our vape store but we are unable to sell nicotine liquids as long as the current restrictions are in place. Hopefully, the law will change in the future and we can sell e liquid with nicotine at Jostech Vape Store.

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