Destructive Nicotine Addiction & Quitting Cigarette Smoking - Facts & Misconception about Quitting and Vaping

It is possible that some negative effects of nicotine might not have been reported. The health effects of nicotine cannot be completely separated from the effects of smoking cigarettes. What about health effects of e cigarette then that is now increasingly replacing traditional smoking? How much nicotine and various other potentially unsafe chemicals are being inhaled through vaping?

Facts & Misconception about E-Cigarette, Nicoting and Kicking the Habit

“Did you know One Positive thing about nicotine?” One of the positive results of nicotine is that it acts as an antidepressant. If you are experienced user of nicotine products such as tobacco or e cigarette containing nicotine, it helps to understand exactly how these products affects your body.

How does nicotine affect your brain

Nicotine Cycle

“Did you know nicotine is as addictive as Heroin?” Nicotine is highly addictive substance and once we get sued to it – it’s extremely hard to kick the habit. It’s addictive like many well-known drugs. Adverse effects of suddenly stopping of nicotine intake are that you want to smoke or crave for more nicotine. This is known as withdrawal symptom which is often difficult to tolerate.

“Did you know you can use more than one quitting aid NRTs (Nicotine Replacement Therapy – eg. Gums, Sprays etc.” Pointing out the health impacts of nicotine isn't simple and requires detailed understanding of both physical and psychological aspects of the effects that nicotine case cause. Doctors are known to provide Patients with a range of alternatives and a variety of advice that will enable them to move away from the dangerous impacts of cigarette use and the addiction to nicotine. There is no one size fits all when it comes to breaking that harmful habit. This is something most smokers or vapers experience as they try to use different methods of NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy).

“Researcher’s view about using Nicotine Replacement” Some researchers have shown that mixed nicotine-replacement-therapy (NRT) works far better compared to just one - e.g. taking a nicotine patch as well as other forms of NRT such as nicotine periodontal. Some even argue that there's no evidence that cigarette smoking and vaping at the very same time is any even worse compared to simply smoking cigarette. The primary reason people continue cigarette smoking while on the patch is because they're not just addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes.

“Is it only nicotine in cigarette preventing you from quitting? Why is it so hard to quit?” Smoking has psychological side of addiction as well. For example – habit of smoking in a situation like while walking or driving, and the habit of having hand to mouth contact while smoking. These psychological effects often lead to Nicotine Replacement Therapy to fail as NRTs like chewing gums, patches and sprays cannot mimic cigarette sufficiently to address this psychological aspect - they can deal with nicotine addiction only. This could be the reason why e cigarettes are gaining popularity throughout the word because it can address this physiological addiction caused by smoking. This is not to say that e cigarette is harmless and it would be wrong to assume thing like these:

Unknown Facts about vaping and smoking

 “Once I switch to vaping, I am clean – no longer a smoker” – No you are still addicted to either nicotine or the psychological effects of smoking. Therefore, vaping is probably equally addictive as smoking if you are taking nicotine e liquid. The only difference is that you burn tobacco to produce smoke – when you vape you heat e liquid to produce vapour.

 “Now that I am no longer smoking cigarettes and using e cigarette, I am safe” – We don’t know that yet due to lack of scientific evidence. Everyone who may have their own view about pros and cons of using cigarettes should recognize one vital point – there is no proven research that can conclusively say vaping will not expose you to harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. Some have proven that e cigarette contains chemicals found in cigarette but they quantity could be significantly less.

 “E-cigarette can help me quit” – There is no proven answer that anyone can provide. One can only point to certain studies that do the best in confusing already confused smokers looking for an answer. TGA has not approved e cigarette as quitting device. This means that Australian Government does not approve e cigarette as alternative to smoking.

While many people who have used e cigarette after smoking for years claim that they were successful in quitting, some simply switch to e cigarette that contain nicotine and continue with their nicotine addiction with the belief that they are at least consuming less chemicals.

 Some even end up using both e cigarette and tobacco which is probably worse and can result in more nicotine intake. In short there is simply no evidence given by research mainly because e cigarette is relatively new concept and it might be several years before we know for sure if it can help people quit smoking.

"Should I buy e cigarette kits and e liquid  or keep smoking" -  Its tricky question to answer as there are no answer that we can base our full confidence on. But many well known research indicate that e cigarette may contain less chemicals than smoking tobacco but more research will be needed before we can answer this question.You need to refer to different views expressed by sciennts including the research mentioned below and make up your mind.

 “What does Research Say” Although there are few research findings that claim that e cigarettes could be less harmful, none have definitively concluded that this is the case. Recent research findings published on Cancer Council UK Science Blog found that a cancer-causing substance NANL was 97 percent lower in vapers when compared to smokers in a research conducted on users of e cigarette and tobacco for 17 months. However, they have also warned that they are not totally convinced about the findings and the study is still not conclusive. So, the bottom line is that we all should be cautious and take our own decisions.


The conclusion is that not smoking anything is the best thing one can do. If this not an option, researching the topic by yourself is best as this article is intended to provide readers information that is already out there in public domain and does not intend to influence anyone’s decision.