Why do Tanks or Atomisers Leak - Fix Your Leaking Tank? - Updated

Have you noticed or experience leaks and spills from your e cig tank? If so, you are not alone - most of the tank leaks can be fixed easily with very little effort.  Read about the causes and solution to leaking tank. Remember these are some simple steps and precautions you can take to fix this annoying issue.


Fill your E-cig Tank Properly

It is probably the most common issue when it comes to complaint about leaking tank and the fix is pretty simple. When filling e liquid into your tank, make sure to avoid the central tube (its either coil like in case of Triton I or metal tube in other cases). If the liquid get into the centre, your vape kit will start giving you trouble and start to leak the liquid. Its importank to also remember than constantly allowing the liquid to will disrupt the connection between the battery and the tank if the liquid gets to the battery. For example, your triton battery will not work if e liquid is poured to the centre tube/coil by mistake as the liquid seeps to the battery.

It can also build debris on top of the battery and prevent proper battery to tank connection. So, its always best to avoid the liquid to get to the centre tube by tilting the tank while you pour the liquid and slowly making it straight. If you get some liquid to the battery, simply wipe it properly. Its important to regularly check your battery if there is any liquid.

You can watch the video below and apply this to all e cig kits(the video credit goes to the owner of this video):



Do not Overfill the Liquid

It will almost always result in e liquid leak if the tank is overfilled. The e liquid should be filled up to the point recommended by the manufacturer - so check your manual. Many tanks have the marking to help you with filling liquid but if it does not have any marking - make sure to fill it below the centre tube such that no liquid can get there.

Don't Leave Anything Loose

Anything means - depending on the type of tank you are use, all parts that can be unscrewed must be screwed back in properly and tightly (please remember NOT to make it too tight as this will cause other issues like you may break something or rip the O-ring you find in most MODs we sell. O-ring is like a washer that prevents leaks)

Make Sure the Coil, Mouth Piece and Anything that nees to be screwed back are resonably tight. Always remember that if your coil is loose it will not only start to leak e liquid, it might stop vapour production.

Fix leaking tanks

 Other Important things to Remember

  • If you are using vape Mods, make sure the Tank O-ring is not broken. If it has ripped, you will need to get a replacement.
  • Keep your e cigarette upright when not in use - like you can keep it standing on a table.
  • Close the Air-vent before filling the e-liquid to prevent air bubble
  • Make sure the threads of the screws are properly lined - do not force anything. Anything that needs to be screws should screw back without having to force it.
  • If you are using PG E Liquid with your MOD, switch to VG E Liquid because VG e liquids are thicker and produces more vapour with Mods and can prevent leak. (This suggestion is for Mods only)
  • Buy reputed e cigarette starter kits from good brands. Halo is well known brand and has excellent reputation.
  • If your tank is damaged or worn out, replace it as soon as possible.

Follow the Steps below to Fix Leaking Mod Tanks

vape tank leaks - Problem Solved


If your Rector or Tracer Mod Tank is leaking, please follow the following steps. Below is the correct process to fill your reactor and tracer tanks:

  1. Close the Airflow Vent
  2. Remove Cap from Tank
  3. Fill the tank with VG Juice about ¾ of the way full.
  4. Wipe off any excess juice from the cap area
  5. Once filled, reattach the tank’s cap by lining up the threads and slowly twisting clockwise until snuggly fastened.
  6. Turn Tank Upside down (mouthpiece facing down)
  7. Open Air Vents
  8. Tank is ready to use