Vaping Vs Smoking

E Cigs Cost Lot Less than Tobacco:

To get started with electronic cigarette vaping, E-Cigarette Starter Kit is needed which can be purchased for as little as $60. The kit contains more than one battery and vapourizer and everything you need to get started. The kit may not include e Liquids. After this initial investment, there is lot less to spend compared to Tobacco smoke. Normally, accessories and e liquids may need to be replaced from time to time but in most cases each accessory thay may need replacement can be purchased separately. The main ongoing cost is for e Liquid purchase which lasts for considerable amount of time and costs significantly less than tobacco in the medium to long run.

In order to minimize running cost, its a good idea to buy high quality kits and batteries that can last for long time. Buying cheap and low quality ecig kits can in fact cost much more in no time after parts wear out and batteries need frequent replacement.

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