How to vape safely? Important Safety Information About E-Cigarette Battery Safety

In the past there has been articles published about fires due to misuse of e-cigarette resulting in minor damage to property. Unfortunately, these were the result of user fault. Number 1 cause of any incident like this has been misuse of charger. Electronic Cigarettes are devices that contain battery. There will be damage if any kind of battery is misused whether it be e-cig battery or mobile battery. User manual is provided for a reason and should be read. One example: One British woman charged a larger e-cig battery using her mobile phone adapter to save time that caused an explosion. This would not have occurred if she was using the proper charger.

The best thing about Halo e-cigarette and batteries is that, they have had ZERO reports of incident due to Halo G6 or Triton Batteries. Halo batteries are high quality that gives long battery life and all Halo products are vetted thoroughly from their factories. The vape batteries are fully regulated that prevents voltage spike and are tested to make sure they activate evenly and safely every time it’s used to vape. This doesn't mean that things can't go wrong if Halo products are improperly used. Read the manual and apply best practice all the time.

Customers should avoid low quality batteries, low cost batteries. Very attractive vape kit prices means low quality, low production cost and lower safety. It wouldn't be surprising if one can get an electronic cigarette starter kit that looks similar to Halo Kits at half the price. But, it needs to be seriously considered whether if it’s enough for e-cig to look attractive and cost less.

What are the Best Practice Electronic Cigarette Safety Tips I can use?

  •     Never leave e-cigarette charging unattended.
  •     Only use compatible, appropriate chargers and cartridges with your batteries.
  •     If a battery is hot to the touch, stop vaping! Return it or recycle it.
  •     Clean your batteries often, to ensure there is a solid connection.
  •     Avoid mixing Halo with other equipment that claim to enhance vaping experience as its just waste of your money.
  •     Do not go against warnings in the manual. Read it and use it.

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