Halo G6 E Cigarette FAQ & Troubleshooting

How do I know that my G6 Battery is Charging?

The RED light will show on the USB Adapter while the Halo G6-vape battery is charging and the light will turn BLUE when the G6-Battery is fully charged. Read the manual when using for the first time for charing instructions.

My Brand New Halo G6 Battery LED is not turning on while I am charging the battery, did I receive a faulty battery? Is this Normal?

No this does not mean that the battery is faulty. It is not necessary for the G6 Battery LED to lit up while charging as the LED tip is there for aesthetic purpose. The Battery LED may or may not turn on. This does not affect charging.

How to Clean a Halo G6 Battery?

A cotton swab with rubbing alcohol can be used to clean off the battery connection area. A toothbrush can also be used to get into the grooves of the battery connection. Doing so will remove any film or debris that may have formed. We recommend cleaning once a week as regular maintenance.

Is it ok to charge G6 Battery using Triton USB adapter?
Never charge G6 battery with Triton USB adapter as Triton and G6 batteries have different voltage. It might cause permanent damage to your battery.


What is Automatic G6 Battery?
Automatic batteries turn on when you try to vape due to the air flow without having to press any button. So the user doesn't need to do anything other than to vape. It provides experience similar to traditional cigarettes. The battery stops after a few seconds automatically.

What is Manual Halo G6 Battery?
There is a small button in manual battery that user need to press to smoke. The unit cuts off once the button is released. Manual battery give more control in vaping experience. Please avoid constantly pressing the button for long time as it will give burnt taste.

How much e-juice is needed in the cartomizer?
About 20 drops at first and additional drops as and when needed. It will need less number of drops after initial fill.

What is G6 Tank?

Its a vaping tank similar to that of Triton System but smaller in size that perfectly matches with your G6 battery. Its very useful if you want to make it easy to re-fill the ecig liquids. Its a must have inexpensive device. Curious? See G6 Vaping Tank

How long will the G6 Mini Tank Last?

Normally it will last for about 2 weeks. However, it depends on the vaping habits - frequency, drag, etc.

The Wig in the G6 Tank disappeared?

Depending on the e liquid you are using, the colour of the e liquid may make it appear as if it has disappeared. Its normal - the coil is still working.

Why is the G6 Tank is leaking e liquid onto the battery?

This indicates that the Coil has burnt out or the e liquid has been over-filled.

Can I replace my G6 Tank Coil?

No, you will need to get new g6 tank.

How to fill an ecig Cartomizer? Technique to fill your G6 Cartomizer or Cartridge.

We have included a video to make it easy for you to learn to fill cartomizer in an effective way and save money with Halo Refillable cartomizers. E-cig Cartomizers can be expensive in the long run, so its best to learn how to get most out of the Carts. This video is not using Halo G6 Cart but the method is exactly same. Watch the video and apply the technique shown.
(Note: The video used have been provided with permission from the owner)







Why did my G6 Battery Stopped working?
The battery may get damaged if user overfills the cartomizers that results in eliquid getting to the battery. This may cause the battery to get completely damaged or partial defect may occur. If there is any leak, please clean it from battery immediately. Batteries will work for certain number of charges/cycle and will need to be replaced after certain number of use. G6 has maximun 300 cycles of charges

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