E-Cigarette Cart Filling Instructions

Instruction Videos for New Vapers. The videos below are provided to assist new customers to maximize their Vaping experience. Some of the videos may not show Halo Product but the process shown are pretty much same. These videos do not belong to Halo, but we have requested permission from the owner to show these to customers. These videos are guides only and instruction manual supplied by Halo need to be followed as well.

How to Fill Cartomizers

The instruction to fill E-Cig Cart shown below shows a different Cartomizer but can be applied to Halo G6 Cartomizers.

Things to Remember:

  • Detach the Cartomizer from Battery before filling.
  • Avoid Pouring liquid into the centre hole in the G6 Cartomizers.
  • Do not overfill- When filling the first time you may need more liquid to fill the Cart, but subsequent filling will require only a few drops.
  • Always clean the end that connects to the battery. 


Below is the G6 Review video which shows the Basics of Halo G6 Kits, including filling and using it:


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