Halo smoke  juices are the most superior quality premium e-liquids that produces thick and rich vapour. These are not only supreme flavour e cig liquids, but made in the US under strict quality regulations. Halo owns a state of the art facility in the USA to manufacture the e-liquids and quality control and product safety are fundamental to Halo.

E-Liquid Ingredient - Halo E-Liquids

All the ingredients used to manufacture Halo E-liquids are Pharmaceutical and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) grade ingredients. Halo has a certificate of analysis for each ingredient used in its e-liquids. Halo e-liquids are made from only those ingredients that are duly approved by FDA and FEMA.

Note: No Electronic Cigarette has been approved by TGA or FDA as smoking quitting device and the effects of the ingredient used in electronic through vaping is unknown due to lack of scientific studies. However, it is advised to strictly avoid e-liquids that may contain e-liquids with unnecessary contents and low quality ingredients. Anchor

Although there may be other e liquids in the market that are cheap, they are likely to have been manufactured under slack quality control and low quality e-cigarette ingredients. Its quality and flavour that makes Halo an outstanding E Liquid manufacturer in the US and the world.

Halo E-Liquid Flavour and Manufacturing Practice

It is very important to understand that not all manufacturer manufactures all its products in the US. When it comes to e-liquid, it’s extremely important to know where the products are physically produced because many e-liquid manufacturers outsource e-liquid production and other electronic cigarette products to low cost countries like China to cut down cost. However, the quality control of e-liquid production and the quality of e liquid ingredient may suffer resulting in unnecessary risks to consumers.

Halo manufactures its e-juice in FEMA GRAS facility in USA. Its state of the art manufacturing facility is designed to produce high quality e-liquids with strict quality control in place.

NOTE: Halo does not contract manufacturers in China and other countries so its products including e-liquids meet high quality standards under US laws.

We cannot sell e-liquids with nicotine due to legal restrictions in Australia. All e-liquids sold here contain zero nicotine level.

Why buy Halo Premium E Juices & E Liquids?

Just like we could expect Australian made E-Liquids to be of certain quality and meet the Australian Authorities quality guidelines, Halo operates in similar environment where it has to meet quality guidelines and safety standards. The modern labs that Halo uses to make these e-liquids are state of the art E Liquid manufacturing facilities. The main reasons why Halo E Liquids stands out are:

  • No added Diacetyl
  • Safety cap for children
  • Blue e liquid bottles designed to protect the juices inside the bottles
  • FEMA & GRAS evaluated and approved food additives
  • Best by date and lot numbers on bottles for quality control
  • Professional chemists involved in main phases of production
  • Uses only USP grade nicotine (not available in Australia currently), propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerine

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Due to Australian Law, Nicotine is a banned substance, therefore, all E-Liquids sold on this site contain Zero Nicotine

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    The V-Type or VG E Liquid contains 70 percent vegetable glycerin or VG and 30 percent propylene glycol or PG. The VG E liquids are available in same flavours as PG or Standard E Liquid and have same quality and taste. If you are looking for e liquid to use with MODs, VG type is the best e liquid optimized for sub ohm devices. Learn More
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