E-Liquid Sample Pack

It can be difficult for new vapers to choose the right e liquid blend and result in waste of money in trying different e liquids. Don't buy large e liquid flavours you don't like. Find out Exactly which E Liquid Flavour you like without having to spend for 30 ml bottle. Rather than buying multiple 30 ml bottles you don't want, get this sample pack that includes most popular E Liquid mix and Choose the best e liquid that suits your taste. After you know exactly which one you want, you can always order 30 mls.

Warning - E Liquids or E Cigarette products are not approved quitting devices and can contain chemicals that may harm you. Please make sure you do your own research before buying electronic cigarette products

Due to Australian Law, Nicotine is a banned substance, therefore, all E-Liquids sold on this site contain Zero Nicotine