FAQ Halo E-Cigarette Brand

Why is Halo better than other e-cigarette brands available in Australia?

Halo E-Cigarette Kits are high quality and cheaper electronic cigarette option available in the market. Many other e-cigarette brands tend to charge more but offer inferior vaping experience. Halo has been ranked No 1 by PC magazine, and there are lots of reviews comparing different electronic cigarettes. Halo has a prominent place in all the reviews and ranks very highly. Halo is different from others in terms of quality, style, experience, reliability and durability of cig batteries.

What is Halo E Liquid made from? What ingredients are used in this e-liquid?

Halo e liquids are made from ingredients that are safe for human consumption as per FDA regulation. Halo has certificate of analysis of contents of its e liquids. Halo uses best quality ingredients and prepares its e liquids in its state of the art lab.

Please Note: Although ingredients are considered safe for human consumption, the effects of inhaling those ingredients via vaping isn't known. Despite the quality of ingredients used, we don’t claim that ecig or e liquids are safe as research has not yet been completed regarding effects of e liquids. Learn More about Halo E-Liquids and Ingredients.

Is Halo Cigarette good for me?

Halo e cigarette is one of the best e cig available in the market. What makes Halo outstanding ecig company is durability of ecig battery and the quality of its e liquid. If you are looking for top quality e cigarette that you can get, then yes Halo is best e cig for you.

What is Triton Tank E-Cig System?

Triton tank system is simply a vaping machine that consists of a battery, e liquid tank and vaping tip. Triton tank system has powerful battery and tank makes it very easy to refill e liquids. Triton tank is designed with anti-leak technology and capable of producing thick and rich vapour. It’s suitable for both experienced and new e-cigarette users.
What is Halo G6 Electronic Cigarette?

Like Triton Tank System, G6 is also a vaping machine but the difference is that instead of the tank for filling liquid you get cartridges to fill the e juices. The size of G6 Electronic Cigarette is very similar to cigarette. G6 also has a tip that lit up when vaping just like cigarette tip.

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