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Reactor Coils

Reactor Coils|Spare Halo Reactor Mod Coils

Buy Reactor Mega coils, Reactor Mini coils, Reactor Shorty coils and Reactor Standard coils. In this section you can purchase Halo reactor mod coils for all of your reactor starter kits

The coils are available in different resistance 0.15, 0.5 and 1.5 ohm. These coils are easy to replace coils and come in pack of 5. Buying and replacing coils for your reactor tank will extend the life of the tank. You can use tank for long time if you purchase these spare reactor mod coils.

Types of Reactor Coils Available and Which Coil Suits Your Reactor Kit

The Reactor Coils are made to be compatible with each other. For most part, you can use almost any coil in your kit to use Temp Control or Wattage Mode.

If default coils are not available, you can use other coils in your tank by using the information below.

Reactor Kanthal Coils

Works in Wattage Mode only - This coil will work with ALL Reactor Coils. Most Popular and Probably most widely used coils.

  • Reactor Standard (50W) Default Coil

You can use this coil in all reactor kits in Wattage Control Mode

Reactor Stainless Steel Coils

The stainless steel coils support Temperature Control Mode. These coils will work in any Reactor Kit than supports Temp Control mode.

As a rule of thumb, this coil will suit, all reactor mods except, Reactor Standandard Mod (50W/4400 mAh) as the standard reactor kit supports wattage mode only.

  • Reactor Mini Kit Default Coil
This reactor coil can be used in any reactor kit that support Temp control mode.

Ni200 Coils Reactor Coil

These are the default coils in Reactor Mega Kits. If you wish to stick to the default coil for mega, this is the coil you will need. The resistance in the reactor mega coil is 0.15 which you can buy from here.

  • Reactor Mega Kit Default Coil
  • Reactor Shorty Mod Default Coil

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Pack of 5 Coils

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Component forHalo Reactor Std, Halo Reactor Mini, Halo Reactor Shorty, Halo Reactor Mega
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