Jostech Review

Kelly Day
16 May 2016
Perfect as always
Mitchell Smart
Darwin Australia
05 May 2016
The reactor is great but disappointed that stainless mouth piece was missing. Apart from that opened box filled and was ready within 2 minutes.
Dale Quilliam
05 May 2016
Excellent service, fast delivery and very reliable products (G6 and accessories). After a few orders for extra parts, still very satisfied and on day 62 without a smoke!!!
Zac Healey
25 Apr 2016
Good, fast service
Michelle McGuiness
09 Apr 2016
Always excellent service!
Kelly Day
09 Apr 2016
I was glad to be able to buy halo in Australia I have been buying it from America for a while now the postage was so fast I couldn't believe it I was so happy I will defiantly be buying my liquid here from now on
Jane Wilkinson
31 Mar 2016
I couldn't wait for the parcel to arrive, my husband and I ordered the Triton Halo starter kits. We had a couple of out dated e-cigs but started vaping on the 15th Feb replaced our vape system to the newer model and haven't looked back, we have both smoked for 40 + years and have not had a real cigarette in nearly 7 weeks. I know I can get my supplies from jostech quickly as they do great service. Hope this helps anyone trying to quit as it has worked for both of us and we haven't missed the real smokes. ??
Jess Pearce
Tasmania, Australia
06 Mar 2016
The team at jostechecig always provide fast, reliable, and efficient service. Another fantastic buying experience.
Dale Quilliam
Darwin NT
05 Mar 2016
Purchased the Halo G6 Starter Kit - So far, so good! Fired it up for the first time yesterday afternoon & haven't smoked a cigarette since! I also purchased the G6 Mini Tank, looking forward to trying it! Oh yeah, item was despatched within a day, express post sent Tuesday arrived on Thursday (fast for Darwin)!
Dale Quilliam
Darwin NT
05 Mar 2016
Purchased the Halo G6 Starter Kit - So far, so good! Fired it up for the first time yesterday afternoon & haven't smoked a cigarette since! I also purchased the G6 Mini Tank, looking forward to trying it! Oh yeah, item was despatched within a day, express post sent Tuesday arrived on Thursday (fast for Darwin)!
Michelle McGuiness
03 Mar 2016
Always a great service and so quick to deliver. Thank you.
Colin Richardson
19 Feb 2016
Fast, professional and courteous, with top line product. All the elements that lead to repeat business.
Bill Tsopanas
Sydney nsw
12 Feb 2016
Great product Great service You have my business
01 Feb 2016
Very professional and fast service.
Danni Newton
Lilydale Tasmania
19 Jan 2016
Great service Fast shipping Got us out of trouble while waiting on a order from halo America So glad I found you guys recommended to friends who also have halo cigs
Charlee Buck
15 Jan 2016
Wrong colour batteries sent. Fast shipping though.
Susan Mills
NSW Australia
14 Jan 2016
Just had a great experience with JOSTech. Had a problem with consumables and they got back to me straight away with research from their supplier and advice to solve the problem. I have to say it's the best response I've ever had from any internet supplier. Thanks guys
Jeremy Comans
Avalon, NSW
13 Jan 2016
Bought from these guys a number of times. Definitely seems the quickest way to get parts to my address. Once an item was left out of an order, and after a friendly note of apology the item sent straight away. Tip: If you regularly use a Halo Triton whilst at a desk, whether working or lurking, I couldn't recommend the pass-through battery highly enough. Runs off the USB cable whilst you're there, and is always fully charged when you leave.
Courtney Keating
12 Jan 2016
Fast delivery. Arrived next day.
charmaine carter
berry springs NT
08 Jan 2016
every thing was great until my items got sent by toll and they only deliver out to us once a week so not very happy about that.....should have come my post.
Terri Patterson
The Channon NSW
23 Dec 2015
Great customer service and support. Too bad nicotine content in e liquid can not be purchased here in Australia.
Angel Andreeetta
23 Dec 2015
Great Quality with fast shipping. Highly recommended.
Jane Simpson
11 Dec 2015
Great product prompt delivery
Ben Franklin
11 Dec 2015
First time vaper, impressed with the Halo G6 and store service, just choose your flavours wisely as I have 2 30ml bottles I'm stuck with of flavours I'm not that keen on at all. Thanks
Michelle McGuiness
Australia, Frankston
10 Dec 2015
Excellent company and product. Quick responses and the sales team went out of their way to help me out. I am already a returning customer and will my my products from here rather than overseas. The postage is fast too.
Dooren, Victoria
27 Nov 2015
I have bought Halo products from Jostech a number of times. I find their customer service to be excellent and the delivery to be excellent as well. Halo products are awesome and I have tried other brands as well. Will definitely be using Jostech from now on. 5 stars well done
Sandra McDonnell
Geraldton WA
26 Nov 2015
Great service, extraordinarily fast delivery. First order not from USA, and very happy
Steve Martin
Townsville, Qld. Australia
16 Oct 2015
Jostech are a great vaping company to deal with. Very helpful & have answered me personally to help through some computer glitches I was having. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone. First rate products, first rate service. I hope they continue to do very well!!
Susan Frowd
Victoria. Australia
25 Sep 2015
I live in country Victoria and placed my first with Jostech Aus order on Tuesday 22nd. Order delivered Friday 25th. Fantastic service. Thank you.
Lydia Popow
21 Sep 2015
Highly recommend their products. Great quality. Excellent customer service, fast delivery. Will be buying from them in the future. Very Happy customer.
banu howard
24 Aug 2015
Great product excellent customer service great to chat about the product
Haydn Fairclough
23 Aug 2015
order processed and sent very quickly. good e-juice, good vaping. haven't tried the ecigs though
Barry Licence
23 Aug 2015
work alright though one of the two leaked in my pocket, get my nico liquid elsewhere
Jake Peters
Melbourne, Victoria
22 Aug 2015
Extremely good service, reasonable prices and stock a good range of products that are hard to find locally.
Robert Caruso
22 Aug 2015
Nicotine e-liquids should be legal
Marie Mills
Hervey Bay, Australia
20 Aug 2015
Tribeca is my vape and I vape no other. First class service and delivery either from the States Or from Aus retailer
Crystal Richardson
14 Aug 2015
Quick delivery. Great tanks
Stephen Yong
12 Aug 2015
all good its all work. maybe more info about the Triton E-Liquids products.
steve cook
12 Aug 2015
Fast delivery, reasonable prices, good communication. I recommend you give these guys a go.
Michael Crosby
11 Aug 2015
On the ball,,,!!! Recommend
Jackie Butler
South australia
08 Aug 2015
Excellent customer service. Will be back
Angela Bond
Bundoora, Victoria, Ausstralia
22 Jul 2015
While your product appears to be excellent I was disappointed there wasn't clearer instructions on how to use it. Remember there are first timers out there who need more guidance to commence vapouring.
Sharnie maracich
20 Jul 2015
** Fast delivery, which is great and great service. Love my g6 ecig. I use it with the mini tanks much more flavour with the mini tanks.
Jan Thackwray
Tweed Heads South, NSW, Australia
17 Jul 2015
Fantastic service, love the chat now field have used it a few times and it has been very helpful. Had a product that did not work correctly and it was refunded immediately after proof that it did not work. Fast dispatch of orders.
Natalie Arns
Katoomba, NSW, Australia
16 Jul 2015
Really great. Fast delivery and very helpful. Really thinking that I'll give up tobacco smoking in 4 months from now...(well...that is my goal anyway) Have cut from 50 - 70 per day to between 5 -8 to sometimes 12. Glad I found HALO! Am using Triton tank, but started with G6. All good....just wish I could use USB for both. happy....on track to give up tobacco smoking in 4 months...gone from 50-70 per day to 5-8-12 per day.
Angelina Stickland
Reservoir, Victoria, Australia
15 Jul 2015
Very quick delivery, haven't been able to get Tribeca anywhere, so im very happy you stock it!
Christine Sawers
14 Jul 2015
Fantastic. Love e cig. All my family and friends enjoying them. What a savings from smoking. Rave about them. What a great product
Kenny Lim
Melbourne, Vic
13 Jul 2015
Ordered from Jostech for a second time this year & got my Halo eLiquids really fast. Won't hesitate to use them again & have recommended to my friends who vape.
Rebekah Smith
12 Jul 2015
Absolutely love my Halo Juice, it wasn't until recently I found out I could buy in Australia. So happy! Tribeca is my favorite. ????