Should I buy VG or PG E-LIquid? Is VG E-Juice better than PG?

When it comes to choosing type of e-liquid, people are often not sure which type of e-liquid shoul they be buying VG Type or PG Type. To help you understand the key differences, we have put together some information below. Before we talk about the differences, let's make it clear that the most important factor that influences decisions about choosing the e-liquid type is user preferances and tastes.

What is VG & PG E Liquid and Which Type Should I Buy

VG E Liquid:
VG stands for Vegetable Glycerol. It is a carbohydrate extracted form plant oil in most cases and used as additive or sweetener in many food and cosmetic. It acts as a diluent.

VG is one of the most common type of ingredients used in e liquids. It is colourless and thick compound that acts as a light sweet taste. It is an ideal e liquid type for those wanting to avoid PG (Propylene Glycol) due to sensitivity and other reasons. VG e liquids does not, in comparison to PG E Liquid, provide same level of throat hit. It does produce thicker and richer vapour and suitable for MODs and Box Mods like Halo Reactor and Tracers.

PG E Liquid:
Propylene Glycol is most common type of compound found in e liquids. Most popular type of e liquids are those with PG base. It has low density, tasteless and odourless compound that does not affect the taste of e liquid which may be the reason for its popularity.

Which E Liquid to Buy - VG or PG:
This comes down to personal choice and there is no right or wrong answer. If you are looking for solid throat hit, PG is the answer and if you want a rich flavour and very thick cloud of vapour, VG is the type you want. So if you are asking which e liquid is better - you should first identify what you are looking for - personal preferences. Some prefer VG e liquid because they love the plumes of vapour and some prefer smoking like experience with great throat hit that PG can provide. So it finally comes down to preferences.



PG - Greater throat hit, resembles traditional smoke, most common e-liquid type, suitable if you are just switching from tobacco due to throat hit

VG: Subtle taste, produces thick vapour, less throat hit, smooth vapour

Important Note:
If you are thinking about buying a Mod - Reactor or Tracer, you should buy a VG e liquids. Halo VG e liquids are optimized for use with the Halo Mods.


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