Know About E-Cigarette - What are they?

Is Electronic Cigarette Safe?
There is no scientifically proven evidence so far that e cigarettes are safer than traditional tobacco. Electronic Cigarettes contain a number of ingredients that are deemed safer for human consumption, however these ingredients are not yet scientifically proven to be safe when inhaled in the form of vapour. E Cigarette may contain some of the same chemicals found in tobacco. The extent of these chemicals and safety of e cigarette in comparison to tobacco will come into light when more scientific studies are conducted in the future.

Electronic Cigarettes can be purchased with Nicotine (not in Australia). Customers should research and learn more before choosing e cigarettes and make their decision based on their own findings. We Do Not  make any health claim and information provided is based on what has been generally believed. It is extremely important to note that e-cigarettes are NOT completely harmless as they may contain chemicals found in cigarettes. E Cigarettes are not considered as quitting device by TGA and therefore we do not claim that people will quit smoking by using e cigarette.

What is electronic cigarette?

Electronic Cigarettes are battery powered devices intended to provide users with Smoking experience without involving burning. E-cigs have a heating mechanism installed that turns e juices into vapour without burning which users inhale instead of traditional smoke. Although all e cigarettes are meant to do the same job, the quality of the hardware purchased will determine the quality of vapour production and user experience. Therefore, some research may be needed before getting the first one. It’s always better to buy a trusted brands like Halo to minimize risks regarding product quality.

What is Vaping?

It’s just a method of taking in e-liquid vapour by inhaling as opposed to inhaling smoke as in traditional cigarettes.

Which E-Liquid is best?

The quality of e-liquids from Halo are same. They only difference is the flavour which is subjective. The most popular Halo E Liquids are Tribeca E-Juice, Mystic, Prime 15 Vape Liquid, LongHorn and other Tobacco Flavours juices. Check out the Halo Range of E Liquid Flavours.

Can I buy Electronic Cigarettes on EBay? Have you got them listed?

No. EBay policy prohibits sale of electronic cigarettes.

What is e juice? What are the ingredients in Halo e-liquid? Why Halo Liquids?

Halo E-Liquids are one of the best one can get and is most renowned for its taste and quality. Its ingredients are USP Grade Propylene Glycol and USP Grade Glycerine along with a proprietary blend of USP Grade Natural and Artificial flavourings. All ingredients are FEMA/GRAS approved food additives, and Halo uses only the highest quality USP Grade Nicotine with a Certificate of Analysis. Halo juice nicotine is tested and documented to be a minimum of 99% pure before e-liquid is created in their US facility.

Note: Although USP grade ingredients and quality of other ingredients make Halo juices an outstanding e-liquid compared to others in the market, it must be noted that there is no conclusive study done that says e-cigs are not harmful. All liquids sold on this site is free from nicotine due to regulatory requirements in Australia in relation to Liquid Nicotine. We Do Not claim e cigarettes are any safer than cigarette smoking due to lack of scientific evidence so far and e cigarette may produce some of the chemicals that are produced during smoking tobacco.

Which Halo electronic cigarette starter Kit to buy?

It really depends on user and their expectations. G6 looks like a real cigarette and most people who don't want to be noticed when smoking outside may choose this while Triton kit batteries are a bit larger and has a tank and coil and may be more noticeable. It depends on user preference as both are quality devices.

Normally, new starters choose G6 while more experienced users move on to Triton Tank due to thick vapour triton produces and battery capacity.

Is there anything called "Quit Smoking Electronic Cigarettes"?

So far electronic cig has not been approved by TGA as quitting device and there is no concrete evidence that e cigs help quit smoking. Some e cig users have found that they no longer need to smoke traditional smoke. However, more studies and research is yet to be done. You should not use electronic cigarettes if you are a non-smoker as its always healthy not to smoke anything. We do not claim e cigarette will help you to quit smoking.

What are the health risks of Electronic Cigarettes?

Although Electronic Cigarettes are believed to be less harmful than traditional cigarettes mainly due to presence of fewer chemicals (the checmical produced may depend on the device you are using as well), no one can really say much about the risk until extensive studies are done in the area. Some researchers do believe that e-cigs are better alternative in many different ways which can be found on the internet. At the same time some studies suggest e cigarettes are no better than traditional cigarette.  Customers should do their own research before deciding as we Do Not know the health risk associated with e cigarettes.

What is legal position of E-Cigarettes in Australia?

Different states have different laws. Electronic cigarettes can be purchased and used.  E-Liquids with nicotine cannot be sold in Australia as it is illegal. It is expected more regulations will be introduced in the future. Unlike most countries like UK and USA, Australian Government has not yet approved nicotine e-liquids for sale in Australia due to inconclusive research in the area.

Is nicotine e liquid legal in Australia? Where to buy nicotine e-liquids in Australia?

Nicotine is classified as Poison by the Australian Law. It is illegal to possess nicotine in Australia. Electronic cigarettes containing nicotine cannot be sold in Australia, but it can be legally obtained from overseas for personal consumption.

How do I know e-liquid is of high quality?

It really depends on how it has been made and where. When making this choice, as a general rule, buy from those countries that are highly regulated. For example- American made e-liquid is the best in quality because the company’s manufacturing e liquids and other hardware need to adhere to strict quality guideline. Avoid buying from China or Chinese made e liquids or hardware. It might be cheap and seem attractive but not worth the risk.

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