Which e-cigarette & E-Liquid is Best in Australia

It's very common for people to get confused when there are so many E Cigarette kits advertised online. E Cigarette industry in other countries like US & UK is much more mature than in Australia. That's why it is the most common questions we receive. To give you some understanding, let’s see what is inside the e cig kits:

E- Cigarette Batteries

These are Li Po Batteries made to resemble tobacco cigarette sticks and are light and easy to carry. The batteries activate Atomizer, which produces vapour to mimic smoking. Batteries are available in different sizes and mAh. Higher mAh are often larger in size.

Atomizer e.g. Triton Coils

Atomizers are heating elements that vaporizes e Liquids. This is the main component that produces vapour. These atomizers are available in different resistance levels. Higher resistance vape cooler than lower resistance.

In Halo E Cig Kits, Atomizers are the Tanks that contain the heating elements.

Clearomizer e.g. Triton Tanks

Its the tank that holds e liquid and contains the atomizer. In Halo Triton Kits, the tank is a clearomizer that has a heating element or atomizer which vaporizes e liquid. Clearomizer consists of a mouth piece or tip for vaping.

Cartomizers e.g. G6 Carts

Cartomizers or Carts do the same thing as Clearomizers or vape tanks. They hold e liquids, heat them to produce vapour. The difference lies in how they get the liquids to the Coils or atomizers.

To Put it in Context: Halo Triton Kit includes Triton Tank in which liquid can be dripped and the liquid come in contact with Triton Coil and vapour is produced.

Halo G6 Kits include Carts or Cartomizers - These carts contain polyfil surrounding heating element. The polyfil gets the liquid to heating element and then vapour is produced.

Choosing the E Cig Starter kits

If you are considering Halo E-Cig, the information below might help you decide which Kit may suit you:

    Triton Tank System Kits      vs             G6 Starter Kit Looks Like This

  • Triton Tank is a Tank System and comes with a #Clearomizer or tank while Halo G6 Comes with a #Cartomizer.
  • Triton Tank is easier to fill and holds more e liquids than G6 & lasts Longer than G6.
  • Triton Kits have larger size batteries while G6 kits have tobacco cigarette size batteries. Perfect if wanting to smoke among tobacco smokers.
  • G6 is more portable and normal cigarette size making it more attractive to new E Cig vapers while Triton E Cigs are larger and are easily noticeable by others.
  • Triton Batteries are not available in Automatic while G6 batteries are available in both auto and manual.
  • Triton Battery Lasts Longer and produces thicker vapour than G6 Batteries.
  • The Triton Tanks lasts longer than G6 Carts and are more economical in the long run.
  • If you are already using a Triton tank and wank to upgrade to MODs, then the Reactor MOD would be the best option.

In Short, both kits come with high quality batteries and accessories and choosing one comes down to the size you wish to carry. If you are looking for a size similar to cigarette, G6 is the best. On the other hand, if you don't mind carrying a larger battery and want to have continuous vapour, Triton will be suitable.

If you want G6 but don’t like the Cartomizer, you should get G6 atomizer tank which you can fill with e liquids and works like Triton tanks. The difference is that G6 tanks are smaller than Triton Tanks.

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